Delta Works Visit & Ice Skating


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Board 2017 - 2018
Mar 17, 2018

Delta Works Visit & Ice Skating

On Saturday 17th of March de Ondergrondse organises a day trip for students including the visit of the some interesting objects of Delta works of the Netherlands, visit of The Watersnoodmuseum (or Flood Museum) as well as Ice Skating in the evening after.

Delta works visit includes:

- Maeslantkering

- Haringvlietdam


Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier

The Watersnoodmuseum or Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk is the "National Knowledge and Remembrance Centre for the Floods of 1953" and offers an in-depth picture of the events during and after the flood of 1 February 1953.

In the afternoon our bus will bring us to Silverdome in Zoetermeer for the ice skating!!! Bring your own shoes if you have! if not, also not a problem ;)

Around 18:00 we will return to Delft and at 19:00 have a dinner at Royal Palace   (unlimited food and drinks!)

And this is still not the end... for those who will survive the long day ... party in Rotterdam!!!*

*we will go there by public trasport, night trains are going back to Delft every hour



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