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Board 2017 - 2018
Jul 7, 2018, 8:00:00 AM
Jul 17, 2018, 9:00:00 PM

Geo-Engineering Trip Abroad

GETA committee is glad to inform you that this summer the Geo-Engineering Trip Abroad will take place in... Austria and Switzerland!

During the trip we will visit companies and their exciting project sites from different fields related to geo-engineering. We will also visit some local universities and meet their professors and students. Besides educational activities there will be enough time to celebrate the start of the summer holidays and to revive from exams of the final quarter.

The trip will be arranged for about 20 to 25 people and take place from approx. July 7-17. The dates can vary +/- 1 day. As soon as we book the flights the precise dates will be announced.

The price for the trip will be approx. €350,- per student incl. transport, accommodation and activities during the trip, also breakfast and a few dinners will be included. Pls note that not all dinners will be included.

During the company visits the participants will have to take their CV's in case the companies will be interested in. To make sure everyone will have a proper CV the participants of the trip will have to take part in CV check given by Sentijn on the 6th of June (this event will be announced separately and is for free for students).

Since we have a limitted amount of places available, in case there are more people subscribed than we can take on the trip, we will have to pick the participants randomly. So only around 20-25 people will be able to join the trip.

There is also an opportunity to book the trip without a return flight (with a discount of course). In case you are planning on traveling further and don´t want to return back to the Netherlands afterwards, please INFORM us when signing up (as a comment or email to After the flights are booked there will be unfortunately no cancellations possible.

We are really looking forward to this adventure and we will do our best to make it a fantastic trip.


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