CRUX - Comparative calculations PMMS (Probabilistic Model Macro Stability)

CRUX - Comparative calculations PMMS (Probabilistic Model Macro Stability)

Graduation assignment

CRUX is a leading independent consulting firm in the field of geotechnical engineering, geohydrology and environmental remediation.

Through our intensive cooperation with our sister companies BouwRisk (monitoring) and CEMS (engineering microservices), we are able to provide innovative, (geo)technical design solutions for all subsurface issues. One of these innovations is the Probablistic Model Macro Stability.

Within the dike team we are fully engaged in the development of this innovative probabilistic model. An important question here concerns the validation by means of comparative calculations.

This issue is complex and requires data processing from existing models and analytical insight to explain any deviations. Besides the comparative calculations based on D-Stability models, it is also strongly preferred to convert the D-Stability model to PLAXIS to determine the influence of an FEM model on the reliability index.

The graduation assignment consists of preparing probabilistic calculations in PMMS, comparing the results with D-Stability, and preparing some comparative PLAXIS models that will also be incorporated into PMMS.

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