CRUX Graduation Assignment - Creep S-Clay1S model: modelling of creep near slopes

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Modelling creep in, under and adjacent to a soil body is "common practice" in geotechnical projects. A common model in PLAXIS is Soft Soil Creep (SSC). However, the use of the isotropic model SSC has a number of disadvantages, especially as the steepness of the slope increases.

There is now an alternative user defined soil model to the SSC model: the Creep SCLAY1S model. Although little practical experience exists with this model, it seems more suitable for modelling creep-related deformations at steep slopes. 

A plan of action for a graduation thesis was prepared in collaboration with a TU Delft thesis committee consisting of Ronald Brinkgreven, Cor Zwanenbrug and Arny Lengkeek. The main themes for this research are:

  1. A parametric study;
  2. Sensitivity study on overconsolidation
  3. Modelling of creep in and underneath a dike in Plaxis

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