Fugro Research Project: CPT data showing anomalies - assessment, implementation and potential post-processing

Fugro research project: CPT data showing anomalies – assessment, implementation, and potential post-processing
Affinity: Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology
Difficulty: High
Location: Fugro - Prismastraat 4, 2631 RT Nootdorp, The Netherlands
Contact:Ken Gavin, Professor of subsurface engineering, TU Delft – E: & Soheib Maghsoodi, Geotechnical Engineer, Fugro – E:


The cone penetration test (CPT) is the dominant in situ testing technique for marine soil investigations. Occasionally, acquired CPT data exhibit anomalies which can cause uncertainties about use in geotechnical design of offshore structures. Examples of such anomalies are pore pressure anomalies, temperature influence on cone resistance, bending of cone penetrometer, soil trapped in gaps below and/or above friction sleeve and sinking of a seafloor template used for cone penetration testing.
The focus of this project is to first detect, and asset all type of CPT data anomalies, their triggers, feasibility of recognition and their potential impact on CPT data. Afterwards, using python programming language, conditions could be implemented into Fugro’s in-house software for CPT post-processing of the data for correction of results.
You will have access to Fugro’s information database and Fugro’s global experts on CPT testing. In addition to a monthly stipend, this work will be carried out partly at TU Delft and partly at Fugro. Primary interest/skillset: geodata processing and interpretation.
Please contact us to learn more about this opportunity with Fugro.


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