Graduation Thesis with Drents Overijsselse Delta

Water Authority Drents Overijsselse Delta (WDODelta) is a government organization responsible for safe dikes, dry polders and sewage treatment. We maintain and control approximately 240 kilometers of primary river levees and a lot of constructions in the area of West-Overijssel and South-West Drenthe. A team of six enthousiastic flood control experts are working on dike reinforcement projects and safety assessments of the primary river levees in the area. The department Research and Consultancy is looking for a master student for the following subjects:

  • Internship: River levees reinforcement project
  • Internship: Safety assessment of river levees
  • Thesis: Piping in sand-on-sand river levees
  • Thesis: Macro stability (outwards) of river levees
  • Thesis: Time dependent groundwater flow in river levees
  • Own research proposals are welcome

Look at our website or the careerboard at the coffeecorner for more information and the detailed description or the positions. 


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