Royal HaskoningDHV Graudation Assignments

Royal HaskoningDHV Graudation Assignments

Royal HaskoningDHV is an engineering firm with offices in the Netherlands and abroad. The company is originally Dutch, but nowadays operates globally and participates in international projects. Our purpose is to Enhance Society Together through our people, expertise, partnerships and innovations. In the field of geotechnical engineering we are involved in a wide range of projects, from regional infrastructural projects to bigger and more complex international projects. These projects range from soil-structure interaction like tunneling and bridges, to more geological projects like dyke stability and earthquake analyses.

At the moment we work among other projects on the Ring of Antwerp (Oosterweelverbinding), the embankment project (Meanderende Maas) in Limburg, the national analysis of the railtrack embankments (LNA), and projects abroad like the new airport of Manilla.

At the moment we have several opportunities to do your graduation assignment with us. We are open to discuss the details of the assignments, so please contact us if you would like to know more about any of the following subjects:

  • Investigating the probabilistic design of dams:
    • To optimize the design of a new or existing dam, a trade-off needs to be made between investment costs and possible risks in the situation the dam fails. The different modes of failure need to be investigated on the probability of failing to gain better insight which is useful for decision making. Moreover, there are several techniques that could help in making a better estimation of the chance of failure. Depending on the failure modes that will be investigated, you will either work with Plaxis, D-Stability or M-Seep.
  • Risk analysis of the use of top-béta parameter in embankment design:
    • The standard risk profile used for embanksments is for most big dams not applicable. The research wil either look into making a specific risk profile for these big dams, or it will focuss on critically assessing the standard risk profile now used. For the investigation a case study from Brazil or Indonesia will be used.
  • Interaction between different failure mechanisms like piping, internal erosion and stability:
    • A dam and embankment have different failure modes, which are often assessed separately. However the strength and load parameters which influence the chance of failure of an embankment have a strong correlation: a high tide around a dam or embankment causes higher chances of failure through internal erosion but also through failure of stability. Some research questions you will focus on are: How are these failure modes dependent on each other, how do they influence each other and how does this interaction influence the total chance of failure of the dam?
  • Random field analysis with FEM to assess existing embankments:
    • The research will focus on applying the random field analysis to build a standard assessment format for existing embankments.
  • Land reclamation revetments in soft soils with strong earthquakes –  Using test cases to better understand deep soil mixing  
  • Earthquake performance of concrete faced rockfill dams

Are you looking for a different assignment or internship or do you have a great idea for a topic to do your internship on? Please contact us and ask about the opportunities.

If you are interested in taking on one of these subjects in a dynamic and professional working environment? Do not hesitate to get in touch:

Royal HaskoningDHV

Dianne Jacobs

+31(0)6 18985267


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