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TU Delft

MSc Track: Geotechnical Engineering

Active Master Thesis Projects:

Would you like to graduate within TU Delft, but are you not sure who to contact? Don't hesitate to send us an email at ondergrondse@tudelft.nl.

BT Geoconsult BV



Master Thesis Projects


CRUX Engineering BV

Active Master Thesis Projects:


Van Oord



Internship and Graduation


Active Master Thesis Projects:

Internships and vacancies:

For Graduates: U.Gro Programme

Royal Haskoning DHV

Active Master Thesis Projects:

  • Investigating the probabilistic design of dams:
  • Risk analysis of the use of top-béta parameter in embankment design:
  • Interaction between different failure mechanisms like piping, internal erosion and stability:
  • Random field analysis with FEM to assess existing embankments:
  • Land reclamation revetments in soft soils with strong earthquakes –  Using test cases to better understand deep soil mixing  
  • Earthquake performance of concrete faced rockfill dams




Job Vacancy - Geotechnical Consultant

Trainee and graduation projects

Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta

Active Master Thesis Projects:

  • Internship: River levees reinforcement project
  • Internship: Safety assessment of river levees
  • Thesis: Piping in sand-on-sand river levees
  • Thesis: Macro stability (outwards) of river levees
  • Thesis: Time dependent groundwater flow in river levees
  • Own research proposals are welcome


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