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Geo-engineering related internships and graduation vacancies will be published on this page. 

TU Delft

Cracking in levees

Laboratory Investigation of Marine Sediment from a Submarine Landslide in the Rockall Bank

Probabilistic settlement prediction of an immersed tunnel considering geotechnical and geological uncertainty

Examining the impact of projected future rainfalls on the stability of legacy embankments using fragility curves


Fugro is the world’s largest integrator of geotechnical, survey, subsea and geosciences services. Their services are specifically designed to support your engineering design and large structure building projects. Internships and graduation vacancies of Fugro can be found here.

MSc Thesis positions

Witteveen+Bos - Validation and development of advanced soil models based on trial excavation oosterweel link

Witteveen+Bos - Free topic


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