Since October 2006, De Ondergrondse made a new start. Following the launch of the new Master Geo-Engineering, De Ondergrondse merged with DIG (Engineering Geology Association). Together we represent the entire Master Geo-Engineering. From Geo-Mechanics to Foundation Engineering and from Underground Space Technology to Engineering Geology.
We have retained the name ‘De Ondergrondse’, only the subtitle was changed to 'Geo-Engineering Association'.

De Ondergrondse was an interfaculty study association that was founded in 1998 by students who foresaw a need in knowledge in the field of spatial planning. De Ondergrondse has since been promoting the exchange of knowledge, not only among its student members, but also between students and the business community. Through a quarterly magazine, The Newsletter, the members were kept informed of the latest developments in the world of the underground space technology and other forms of spatial planning. In addition, during the year, The Underground organized activities, such as lectures, excursions, a symposium and a short trip abroad.

In particular, we have focused on students from disciplines as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Technology, Policy and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Earth Sciences and for anyone who is interested in multiple use of space. The integration of different disciplines has been a major strength of De Ondergrondse.

HISTORY OF THE DIG (Dispuut Engineers Geology)
The Engineering Department (DIG) was set up in 1985 and is designed specifically for students Engineering Geology to attend the interests of the students Engineering Geology and for the promotion of contacts between the students Engineering Geology and the business community.

The DIG and now De Ondergrondse has a seat on the board of the professional association for Engineering Geologists, the Ingeokring. Together with the Ingeokring regularly organized excursions to locations or companies interesting for Engineering Geologists. In the past few years companies like Boskalis and Vryhof has been visited together and excursions of several days are organized to the Ardennes and Germany.

In addition to these trips, every other year a trips were organized to countries that are leading in the field of Engineering Geology. The US, Turkey, China, Japan and South Africa have been among the destinations.

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