FUNDEX Piling Group, with its companies Funderingstechnieken Verstraeten BV, FUNDEX Foundations BV and Fundex Materieel Dienst BV has a history of over 70 years of piling-experience. And still today it is World’s leading brand in mostly vibrationfree piling techniques such as: FUNDEX® TUBEX® and SUPRA ®.

Nowadays the innovations for the adaptive installation by using improvements in e.g. injection techniques have become the standard the piling industry. The TUBEX®technique is originally designed for use in confined space.

Fundex has been the leading foundation contractor for the retrofit of existing foundations and became highly experienced in projects a.o. like:
-             Concert Hall at Amsterdam
-             Retrofit of foundations at San Francisco

-             Foundations at the campus of ASML in Veldhoven and The Bunker in Eindhoven

-             Deep foundations of Highrise buildings e.g De Zalmhaventoren en Cooltower in Rotterdam

-             Sluices and locks in canals and waterways. (Oranjesluizen Amsterdam, Lingesluis                                 Gorinchem)

The company has still its independent position in the foundation market and is capable to perform for a wide variance of clients, in (chemical) industry and (domestic) developers. All major contractors have found their way to our company already in early stage of design.

FUNDEX operates a modern fleet of multi-versatile piling-rigs from very small (in confined spaces) to extreme large with leader length > 50 m’!. The investment in most up-to-date equipment with low- or even no emission  became the latest improvement to future sustainability in foundation technologies.


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