De Ondergrondse is actively organizing social and educational events throughout the year, to strengthen the geotechnical engineering community comprising of geo-engineering staff and students. Here is a list of the events that the students and staff are keen to look forward to. 



Geodrinks is a social event which organized in the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, TU Delft, and is occasionally collaborated with 'Start of the year BBQ' or 'GeoTalks'. Organized once every month of the academic year, GeoDrinks provides a platform for Geo-engineering Master's students, PhDs, Postdocs and Staff to get to know each other. Click here to know more about the upcoming GeoDrinks scheduled.


Company Lunch/Borrel lectures:

Partners of De Ondergrondse are always keep on showcasing their new projects and offering Internships/Master thesis before the students, who are potential prospects for their taking up these roles. De Ondergrondse provides this opportunity by organizing lunch lectures once every month of the academic year. This also helps expand the community of geotechnical engineers and inculcates an industry driven approach among the participants. Click here to know more about the upcoming lunch lecture scheduled.



The rising need for geotechnical engineers to relate theory with practice is the driving force for students to attend site visits. Hence, De Ondergrondse organizes such one day excursion twice every year. This educational event has received high number of participants and the audience always look forward to the next one.


Company Dinner:

This is a networking event for students graduating soon and planning to work in the industry. This event is an excellent opportunity for students to secure a position at one of the visiting companies. Students can have in-person discussions with representatives of the company and get extensive knowledge of the latest projects that the companies work on. Click here to know more about the upcoming Company Dinner scheduled. 



Geo-Engineering Trip Abroad (GETA) is the most-awaited and a really special trip for every student during his life in TU Delft. Every year, a committee is set-up and is led by the Commissioner of Activities from the Board. This GETA committee organizes the entire trip, comprising of sponsorships, excursions, social events, stays, travel, meals, etc. during the time abroad. Master's students, PhDs and staff members are invited to this trip. You can check out this blog written by the entusiatic students who attended GETA 2023.


Feedback Sessions:

The Master's students of geotechnical enginneering track share their feedback regarding the academic aspects like module course content, organization of different units in a module, workload every quarter, etc. De Ondergrondse brings together the staff and the students by organizing bi-quarterly feedback sessions, in order to facilitate the students to perform well in the units and the staff to help improve the course, if needed.

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