About Us

The student association ‘De Ondergrondse’ is an association for students of the Master Geo-Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of the Technical University of Delft. The association itself has been created in October 2006 after a merger of ‘De Ondergrondse’ and DIG (Engineering Geology Association), in the wake of the launch of the new Master Geo Engineering. The name ‘De Ondergrondse' has been maintained, only the subtitle has been changed to ‘Dispuut Geo-Engineering’. Now the association represents the whole Master Geo-Engineering: from Geo-Mechanics to Foundation Engineering and from Underground Space Technology to Engineering Geology.

The goal of De Ondergrondse is to attend the interests of the master students of Geo-Engineering and the promotion of contacts between the students and the business community. Through the newsletter, the members are kept informed of the latest developments in the world of underground construction and other related aspects of Geo-Engineering. In addition, De Ondergrondse organizes activities during the year, such as (lunch) lectures, excursions, a symposium and a abroad study trip.

The Underground "old style" was an interfaculty study association that was founded in 1998 by students who foresaw a need in exchange of knowledge in the field of spatial planning. The Engineering Department (DIG) was set up in 1985 and is designed specifically for students Engineering Geology to attend the interests of the students Engineering Geology and for the promotion of contacts between the students Engineering Geology and the business community.


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