Helping young engineers make conscious career choices is why we get to our bed in the morning. Enginear is a team of specialists in the field of the built environment with more than 15 years of specialist experience. We are there for students and young engineers up to four years of work experience. From study, to start and beyond! Today you can approach us for all your career related questions.

During your studies we support you with knowledge & advice, we provide training & workshops, CV checks and we have a diverse range of cool technical side jobs so that you can gain relevant work experience ( and earn a lot of extra money! ).
You can also contact us with questions about, for example, the various options for a master's program after graduation.

And after you graduate? Then of course we are there too. During a career consultation we try to get to know you as well as possible. Based on various psychological tests that you fill in for us in advance, we enter into a conversation with you.

We discuss who you are and what drives you and thus determine the foundation of your career. And of course, what type of company would fit in there. Then, when you decide to continue with us, we make an action plan together!


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