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Privacy statement of De Ondergrondse

 Privacy Statement of De Ondergrondse, Privacy policy of ‘De Ondergrondse’.

Adjusted on: 29-01-2019

By the use of this privacy statement, De Ondergrondse gives clarity on the way she collects, manages and processes personal data. In this document, all personal information we have, the purpose of storing this data, the rights you have regarding the data as well as who to contact for questions or information are depicted. The board of De Ondergrondse will at all times be allowed to adjust the privacy policy. Members will be informed only when big adjustments are made to the privacy policy.

Anyone who wants to become a member of De Ondergrondse will be asked by the board to provide the personal data which is needed for the association to contact her members and the implementation of the agreement between members and De Ondergrondse. The legal basis of collecting this data is that members give permission for storage of the data by registration for the association. Personal data of members of De Ondergrondse will be carefully processed and secured.

De Ondergrondse respects the privacy of the users and visitors of her site and ensures that personal information which is entrusted to her is treated confidentially. De Ondergrondse adheres to the laws and legal prescriptions of the Dutch privacy statements on personal information.

De Ondergrondse is responsible for processing personal data. If you have questions or would like more information on our privacy statement after reading this document, you are always welcome to contact us:

De Ondergrondse

Stevinweg 1

2628CN Delft

+31 15 278 27 78

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