GEO2 Engineering BV

GEO2 Engineering B.V. was established in 2009. We are a flexible, very approachable and practice-oriented Engineering Bureau in the area of geotechnical engineering. At the moment, we have 10 colleagues working with us.

GEO2’s guiding principle is to think along with the client. Not choosing ‘ready-made’ solutions, but always seeking an appropriate and feasible construction solution for each specific situation. The service we offer is extremely extensive:  from simple wooden sheet piles to complex  construction pits, from foundations for a house to visually-prominent and imposing bridges and from a dike to an impressive dam. We give advice during the various phases of the design, ranging from feasibility studies, tender and final design, to the implementation design and supervision on site.

Vision of the engineering process: During the interactive planning and design process, a great deal of consideration is given to how a design can actually be realised within the specific requirements and boundary conditions. On your behalf, we examine what is technically and economically feasible, bearing in mind, most importantly, the geotechnical risks involved.


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