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Board 2023 - 2024
Date and time
Oct 12, 2023 16:00 - 21:00
GeoTalks: Room 3.98 (16:00-17:00) + GeoDrinks: Exhibition Room (17:00 onwards)


Hi everybody!

On Thursday, October 12, NGI - The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute - will visit TU Delft and present at the GeoTalks. The event will be followed by the GeoDrinks XL with pizzas for the registered participants kindly provided by the NGI team. 

The program for the GeoTalks is expected to be as follows:

Before the lecture, at 15:45, we are planning to serve tea/coffee and home-made baked goods. The NGI presentation will start at 16:00. 

In the first 25-minutes of the GeoTalk, NGI will demonstrate the integration of research and consulting through real project examples, illustrating how they work hand-in-hand. After that, Prof. Ken Gavin will introduce two research projects where TU Delft and NGI will work together in the years to come: the MSCA Doctoral Network FRONTIErS and a new Horizon Europe project on Floating Wind. Finally, Sinéad Reidy, who is starting her PhD at NGI (enrolled at TU Delft) will share her firsthand experience of working in Norway and being a part of a research institute. For those who are interested in getting to know more about opportunities in NGI Norway, their representatives (Ana, Sinéad and Grethe (HR)) will be available for answering questions after the lecture. 

After the lecture, we will move to the Exhibition Room for the GeoDrinks. Excuse us for the long walk:)

If you would not like to have food ordered for you, registration is not required. 

To sign up for a free pizza, please fill out this form: Click here
The deadline to register is Tuesday, October 10th.

Event Details:
GeoTalks: 16:00, CEG Room 3.98
GeoDrinks: 17:00, Exhibition Room

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