Van Oord

Van Oord

We are a Dutch family-owned company with over 150 years of experience as an international marine contractor. We value open communication with our clients and stakeholders. Our company culture is one of entrepreneurship and engaged employees. We think and act with responsibility and focus on the long term.

We work closely and safely with our clients and stakeholders to create innovative and sustainable solutions. The growing world population needs more space. Maritime transport requires new and improved infrastructure. Climate change demands better coastal protection. The demand for energy is growing and a renewable energy system is essential to providing the energy needed for the future.

Marine ingenuity is our signature and the spark that lights the spirit of our professionals. It is our driver to achieve our goal to contribute to a better world for future generations. In 2018 Van Oord received the right to use the designation Koninklijk ('Royal'). It crowns the 150 years of entrepreneurship, spirit and perseverance displayed by our predecessors and all our employees today.


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